5 Reasons Why You Need An Insurance Pro

If you have paid any attention to the world lately, you know that the American healthcare system is in a state of flux. Rules, regulations, and laws change significantly and many debate over the future. This is why it can make those whose professions are not based in the insurance world a bit confused, especially around open enrollment time.

Here’s how an insurance professional can help.

  1. Insurance companies tend to use confusing jargon. A friendly and courteous professional can explain the details in a simple manner so you fully understand.
  2. An insurance professional can help you find a less expensive or more comprehensive policy depending on what you need.
  3. If you are looking for group insurance, you can find a plan that benefits your employees at a competitive rate, as well as provide helpful advice to the team.
  4. If you are over 65 years of age or older, there’s good news – Medicare is waiting for you! This healthcare benefit can be a significantly beneficial policy to have. However this system is notoriously complex. A professional can help you or your parent find the perfect solution.
  5. Finally, if there is a discrepancy on a billing statement, it’s always helpful to have someone who is an expert by your side to contest faulty charges.

As you can see, an insurance professional can help you find the exact coverage you need. Additionally, they are able to help whenever something may come up or if you need clarification. Make sure a pro is on your side today!


Jim Buck
Jim Buck has been actively selling insurance and financial products in Florida for over 30 years and founded JLB Insurance out of his passionate desire to help everyone he can get the healthcare and financial reassurance that they deserve. Jim understands that with so many options out there for coverage, it’s hard to know what the right fit is for you. This is where Jim and his teams’ expertise come in to help. We know the products well and we can work together to evaluate your specific needs and find the perfect solution. All of this delivered in a caring and personalized way, just as Jim has done for years