Why Millennials Should Have Life Insurance

How old should you be when you buy life insurance? Do Millennials need to worry about such an “adult” thing? Absolutely. The generation known as Millennials (those born between 1981-1997) may have different priorities than “big picture questions” but the truth is, many of them are experience major life milestones – graduation, marriage, real estate transactions, and even children. As you can see, life insurance doesn’t seem so crazy for them after all.

Student Loans

This generation was told that college was essential, and it is. However now, they are one of the most debt-burdened age groups in history, some balances ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. If one of these Millennials pass away for an unforeseen reason, those they leave behind will be forced to pay it back. Advisor.ca explains this in their article below.

Young Families

The oldest Millennials are now approximately 36. As you can imagine, many of them have families. Just because they are not “over the hill” does not mean that life insurance doesn’t apply to them. If something happens, their survivors will still have to adjust their lives as well as pay final expenses.

Peace Of Mind

It’s time for the Millennials to consider life insurance. While the idea of passing away may seem like a distant or impossible event, life can deliver unexpected turns. Make sure those you love are taken care of no matter what with a life insurance policy.

For more information, check out Advisor.ca: http://ow.ly/BarK30gkVVA


Jim Buck
Jim Buck has been actively selling insurance and financial products in Florida for over 30 years and founded JLB Insurance out of his passionate desire to help everyone he can get the healthcare and financial reassurance that they deserve. Jim understands that with so many options out there for coverage, it’s hard to know what the right fit is for you. This is where Jim and his teams’ expertise come in to help. We know the products well and we can work together to evaluate your specific needs and find the perfect solution. All of this delivered in a caring and personalized way, just as Jim has done for years

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